Has Tunç Soyer worked on a flag and money for the autonomy of İzmir?

The claim that Tunç Soyer worked on a flag and money special to İzmir and he demands autonomy for İzmir is false. The views in the claim were taken from the video of the meeting with Turkey's Association for Travel Agencies on June 5, 2020. Soyer, in the video, mentions the historical İzmir flag, which is discussed in an academic article. The claim about money is, in fact, about bitcoin, which is a digital currency.

Were PCR tests wrong 50%?

The claim that PCR based Covid-19 tests give 50 percent false positive results is not true. PCR tests are one of the most reliable methods currently known. Also, there is not enough evidence to conclude that PCR tests give 50% false positive results.

Is the cost of Çamlıca Mosque close to that of SpaceX rocket?

The claim that the total amount spent for Çamlıca Mosque is 110 million dollars, while the launch cost of Falcon 9 is said to be 130 million dollars is not true. Although there is not an official statement, the construction cost of Çamlıca Mosque is said to have reached 100 million dollars. It is stated that the current launch cost of Falcon 9 is 62 million dollars and the total cost of the project is more than 440 million dollars.

5G WhatsApp message III: Is there any connection between 5G and the new coronavirus?

In the first part of the analysis series, where we examined the WhatsApp messages about 5G, we analyzed the videos shared with the claim that they show 5G protests. In the second part, the countries using 5G, the cruise ships in quarantine and the claims of a YouTuber. In the last part, we will search answers for some questions such as whether there is any connection between 5G and COVID-19, and what some concepts often seen in messages actually tell. The message about 5G, rapidly spread on WhatsApp and social media, contains a lot of misinformation. There are claims that COVID-19 is spreading on the quarantined cruise ships due to 5G, 5G service has been stopped in some countries, 5G destroys oxygen molecules. It is impossible to find the information such as the source of these claims, who wrote them and what their expertise is. It is precisely a mystery who may have had this information given in the message.

5G WhatsApp Message II: Countries using 5G, cruise ships and a YouTuber

Nowadays, the whole world stays home and tries to find something to fight against the pandemic. Studies for vaccination and medicine make some people creating conspiracy theories. The collective anxiety and uncertainty about the pandemic strengthen these theories. For example, a group led by opponents of the vaccine created a new conspiracy theory: 5G caused the epidemic. We are going through tough times and we may be worried about the possible effects of a technology that we do not know exactly what and how it works. However, we need to be careful about the posts that reinforce this concern with complex expressions and weak translations. In this analysis, we will examine one of the complex messages on WhatsApp.

Did HAARP ship drop anchor in Çanakkale?

The claim that HAARP ship, which belongs to the USA, dropped anchor in Çanakkale is false. HAARP is the name of a scientific research facility located in the state of Alaska, USA, and there is no such ship. The platform, seen in photos shared on social media and news sites, belongs to a sea-based radar warning system known as SBX-1.

Does the report presented to the German assembly in 2012 mention the epidemic of the new coronavirus?

The claim that the report presented to the German assembly mentions the epidemic of the COVID-19 in Wuhan is false. The report mentions a hypothetical virus called Modi-SARS and the precautions Germany will take against the potential outbreak of this virus. This epidemic is not the only risk in the report. Scenarios such as excessive flooding if snow or ice melts in the mountain range are also considered.