Has Tunç Soyer worked on a flag and money for the autonomy of İzmir?

The claim that Tunç Soyer worked on a flag and money special to İzmir and he demands autonomy for İzmir is false. The views in the claim were taken from the video of the meeting with Turkey's Association for Travel Agencies on June 5, 2020. Soyer, in the video, mentions the historical İzmir flag, which is discussed in an academic article. The claim about money is, in fact, about bitcoin, which is a digital currency.

Were PCR tests wrong 50%?

The claim that PCR based Covid-19 tests give 50 percent false positive results is not true. PCR tests are one of the most reliable methods currently known. Also, there is not enough evidence to conclude that PCR tests give 50% false positive results.

Is the cost of Çamlıca Mosque close to that of SpaceX rocket?

The claim that the total amount spent for Çamlıca Mosque is 110 million dollars, while the launch cost of Falcon 9 is said to be 130 million dollars is not true. Although there is not an official statement, the construction cost of Çamlıca Mosque is said to have reached 100 million dollars. It is stated that the current launch cost of Falcon 9 is 62 million dollars and the total cost of the project is more than 440 million dollars.

Did Nobel-winning Professor Tasuku Honjo say that the new coronavirus was made in a laboratory?

The claim that Professor Tasuku Honjo, who got the Nobel award in 2018, said that the new coronavirus was produced in a laboratory in Wuhan is false. There is not such a statement given by Professor Tasuku Honjo and it is obvious in his current CV that he has never worked in Wuhan. Also, Professor Honjo stated on the official website of the university where he works that these claims are not correct.

Did the IMF set conditions such as vaccination and chips on African countries in return for debt relief?

It was claimed that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) set conditions such as vaccinating children, implanting microchips into two people in every house, and bonding electrical connection on African countries that it gives debt due to COVID-19. But it is false. There are none of these conditions in the statement given by the IMF about the countries receiving relief debt for COVID-19. Not all countries to receive debt relief are African countries.

Did Pentagon release UFO videos?

The claim that Pentagon, USA Ministry of Defense, released videos of UFOs (Unidentified flying object) and confirmed them is true. Even though the videos that spread rapidly on social media and the Pentagon's explanation aroused suspicion in users, the claim is correct. The Pentagon confirmed that it released videos on April 27, 2020, by making a statement on its website.

Claims about treatment expenses of Covid-19 in some countries

There is an unprecedented demand for healthcare services worldwide, as well as an increase in healthcare expenses. Everyone wonders whether people with low-income is able to meet these expenses. In some countries, healthcare is completely public, and everyone has access. In some, this is not the case. After the new coronavirus pandemic that emerged in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and spread worldwide, the questions about the health insurance increased. On social media, there have been some claims about the treatment expenses of COVID-19 in some countries.

Does the radiation emitted by 5G cause the death of birds?

The claim that a bird flight in Lahey, Holland lied on the ground, and these birds died because of the signals emitted by 5G posts is false. The photos of the dead birds on the ground are from Anglesey Island in North Wales. After the tests, it was detected that birds died because of blunt trauma. Flamingos on the ground in the other photo are plastic.