Was the medicine found for the coronavirus in Ghana?

The claim that the medicine, called Adutwumwaa Bitters, was created as the remedy to the Covid-19 is false. The expression, “coronavirus”, on this herbal product has been added to the image later. Also, the producer firm, called Adutwumwaa Herbal Industries Limited, denied the claim that they found the medicine for the virus.

Does the photo show S-300s that were shot by Turkish UCAVs?

The claim that the S-300s in the photo were shot by Turkish UCAVs (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) is false. All the photos date back. The photos with burning and damage show the wreckage resulting from the explosion of the S-300 missile which was tested in 2016 in Russia. The photo with two soldiers dates back to 2015.

Does the video show the march in Ankara?

The claim that the video shows the march for the soldiers who lost their lives in Idlib is true. However, the march in the video was not in Ankara, İstanbul or Bursa. It was in Kayseri. Also, there is not the slogan, “Government, resign!” in the video.

Did Farm Bank founder Mehmet Aydın die?

The claim that the photo shows Farm Bank founder, Mehmet Aydın dead from suicide in Kiev, Ukraine is false. However, the man in the photo is Edgar Collaguazo, who fell to his death as he attempted to escape through a fourth-storey window after being caught molesting a child at a birthday party in New York. Collaguazo.

The claim that Erdoğan died due to a heart attack is false

On Sunday the 21st of July several Twitter users and foreign news outlets claimed that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had allegedly died due to a heart attack. The claims that Erdoğan has died due to a heart attack is inaccurate. The statement that was provided by the Presidency shows that there is no health concern regarding the President. Also, the President was seen in public on the 24th of July.