Does the video show those who drink holy water to protect themselves from the epidemic in Italy?

The claim that Italians drank holy water by the hands of the priest to protect themselves from the Covid-19 is false. However, the video was recorded in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Cluj-Napoca in Romania on March 22, 2020. Those in the video gathered for an ordinary communion, not for collective worship. On that date, collective worships were already forbidden in Italy.

Was the medicine found for the coronavirus in Ghana?

The claim that the medicine, called Adutwumwaa Bitters, was created as the remedy to the Covid-19 is false. The expression, “coronavirus”, on this herbal product has been added to the image later. Also, the producer firm, called Adutwumwaa Herbal Industries Limited, denied the claim that they found the medicine for the virus.

Does the photo show S-300s that were shot by Turkish UCAVs?

The claim that the S-300s in the photo were shot by Turkish UCAVs (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) is false. All the photos date back. The photos with burning and damage show the wreckage resulting from the explosion of the S-300 missile which was tested in 2016 in Russia. The photo with two soldiers dates back to 2015.

Tips to get accurate information about coronavirus

The new coronavirus epidemic, starting from Wuhan city of China and spreading to many countries in the world, has been on the agenda for a long time and it seems that it will remain for a while. Well, how did Teyit reach the correct information about the coronavirus?

Does the video show the march in Ankara?

The claim that the video shows the march for the soldiers who lost their lives in Idlib is true. However, the march in the video was not in Ankara, İstanbul or Bursa. It was in Kayseri. Also, there is not the slogan, “Government, resign!” in the video.

Does the raki protect against the coronavirus?

The claim that the World Health Organization has suggested that the raki is a solution to the new coronavirus until the completion of vaccine tests is false. There is no statement of WHO about it. On the contrary, it is stated that alcohol is not especially good for the virus in the section, “myth-busters” of the organization.

Was the vaccine for the new coronavirus found?

The claim that China found the vaccine for the coronavirus (Covid-19) is false. The Ministry of Science and Technology of China declared that the clinical studies on the vaccine can start in April at the earliest. The World Health Organization also stated that the vaccine for the Covid-19 has not been developed yet.