Tomb of Jesus is still a mystery

CLAIM: The tomb of Jesus was found in Jerusalem.


Some news sites like A Haber and NTV reported that the tomb of Jesus was found in Jerusalem.  The content of the stories with the title “Tomb of Jesus was found” only consists of the claims of Israeli archaeologist Aryet Shimron about the Talpiot Tomb in Jerusalem.

According to the stories, Israeli archaeologist Aryeh Shimron has conducted studies about the Talpiot Tomb and claimed that Jesus did not ascend to the sky but the his and his family members’ graves was in Jerusalem.

In a news story with title “Is the Tomb of Jesus Found?” from 2012, on Radikal’s website, it is claimed that the name of Jesus and his family member were written on the boxes, with Christian marks on them, prepared to be put bones inside them.


The titles bend the truth

Although there is no exact statements in the news story about the claims of Aryeh Shimron who still works on the same findings ,the title was written in an exact manner.

In conclusion, there is no precise information about whether there is a tomb of Jesus or where it is.