This photo does not belong the assailant of the Istanbul night club attack

CLAIM / Photo: The photo of the Reina night club attacker.


It was claimed that the photo, first published by and then some other news sites, belonged to the person who carried out the attack on the night club Reina, on new year’s eve.


Image: Alarm in that neighborhood… Police looking for the Reina terrorist door to door!


R.İ, who claimed to be the attacker.

News sites also published that photo in question was taken during a customs control.

After the photo has become viral on social media, R.İ, who lives in Zeytinburnu and has nothing to do with the attacks went to Zeytinburnu Police Headquarters with his friends M.A and N.S and testified.

Rasyonel Daily employee M.A, whom we talked on phone, said that they have nothing to do with the attack and although the photo belongs to them they don’t know how the photo has to circulate online. He also stated that they will file a criminal complaint about the matter.


Image: We are in the police HQ and leaving. Please do not believe this unfounded story. We are kindly asking you to share this message and inform everyone.

N.S (left), M.A (middle), R.İ (right)

Also, N.S, in a post he shared on Facebook, stated that they went to the police HQ and gave a statement.


Image: The guy in the middle worked for me for a year and he is a very patriotic person. He has nothing to do with the Reina incident.

After the photo has become viral journalist Müjdat Gökçe told that he worked with M.A at Rasyonel Daily and he knows him personally.

An apology from, the source of the photo, has retracted their story and accepted that they published the photo of R.İ “erroneously”. Genel Coordinator Berkin Türkoğlu told that the photo has come from a reliable source, but they made a mistake by not checking it.