There was no queen for God to protect in 1922

CLAIM/Photograph: The British hung a mahya saying "God Save the Queen" in 1922, during the occupation of Istanbul.


It is a widely known fact that “God Save the Queen” has been used an Britain’s national anthem since 1700’s and it is changed to “God Save the King” when the ruler is a man.

According to Wikipedia, between 1910 and 1936 George V was on the throne and if this mahya was really from 1922 it should have said “God Save the King”.  When it is consider that the number of images from 1922 is pretty low, it can be said that the image in question is not true.


However, in an article on Kıbrıs Postası, it is indicated that the mahya was hung on Nicosia Selimiye Mosque in 1950 during the British rule of Cyprus.

In a news story on CNN Türk it is claimed that the photograph is from Mehmet Yaş’ archive and it is in one his books called “Sarı Kehribar”.  In the book it is also stated that the photograph is from Cyprus.