The document showing money transfer to Osman Gökçek is not authentic

CLAIM / Photo: The Transaction Listing document showing Reza Zarrab transferred money to Osman Gökçek.



It is claimed that a document circulating on social media is showing Reza Zarrab has sent 350 million dollars to Osman Gökçek, son of Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek, for 5 months. According to the claims, Preet Bharara has released a document and this document is a transaction listing.


Meme: Prosecutor Bharara, who has arrested Reza Zarrab, has released a document showing 350 million dollars transferred to, Melih Gökçek’s son, Osman Gökçek’s account from Reza Zarrab.


It is possible find the original version of the document by searching the words BR Transaction Listing.


In the image below by sliding the bar you can see the similarities and the differences in these documents.

The “BR” abbreviation in “BR Transaction Listing” means Bank Reconciliation. The Bank Transaction Reports is a set of reports that provide detailed information on the transactions recorded in the Bank Reconciliation (BR) module only.

The image claimed to be a bank statement can be found on the website of an accounting software company called Accountmate, on a page about Bank Transaction Reports. The page was designed help people who prepare bank reconciliation forms. There are also different kind of sample reports on the page, and each sample shows a different option to enable to people to chose the one that suits their needs best.

The name of the bank, the order and the transfer numbers in the bank statement image purportedly showing a money transfer to Osman Gökçek, is the same with the sample report on Accountmate’s website.

There is a red stamp of National Bank of USA at the bottom of the modified image. However, there is no bank called National Bank of USA in the United States. The central bank of the United States is called Fed (Federal Reserve).


Another sample report on the website

07br_unverified_receipt_reportAnother sample report on the website

The details about National Office Supply Inc.

At the top of the modified document it reads National Office Supply Inc. This is a private company in the United States and there is no information about it except some basic information on Bloomberg. However, Bloomberg states that they do not check the content about the company information.

The company does not have any website or Facebook page. While producing these documents, Accountmate probably used this inactive company as a sample.


Google Maps Street View also shows no signs of the company on the address the company is listed.