The claim that the video shows the protests in Iran

CLAIM / Video: A crowd of 300.000 protests sharia law in Iran.  


It’s been claimed that the video shared widely on the social media shows a demonstration held to protest the current regime in Iran and participated by 300.000 people. The video was shared on a Facebook page named Evrimsel Kafa receiving 236.000 views and nearly 6000 shares. On another Facebook page named Takunya, the same video received 177.000 views and more than 4000 shares.

But the claim that the video is from Iran is not true. The video is from a demonstration held in Bahrain on 22 February 2011. The protest that was held with the participation of more than 100.000 people against King Hamad and his administration is among the most widely supported protests of 2011-2014 uprisings.

The protest was named “March of Loyalty to Martyrs” due to the killings of seven people by the Bahraini security forces.

Bahrain flags are visible in the video

It is possible to see flags of Bahrain in the video associated with the claim. It is also possible to hear the protesters chanting: “Birruh, biddam, nafdika Ya Bahrain!”(By our souls, by our blood, all for you o’ Bahrain!), “Ash-shab yurid isqat an-nizam.” (The people wants to overturn the regime), and “Neither Sunni nor Shia, only Bahrain.”

This conclusion can also be supported by the comparison between the other videos recorded in Bahrain at the time and the video used in the claim.

It’s within our knowledge that at least ten people died and 450 got arrested during the recent protests in Iran.

Translation: Rumeysa Sena Şahbaz