The claim that Palestinians danced the dabke in UN after the US’s decision on Jerusalem

The Claim / Video: UN’s representative of Palestine played some music and danced dabke to protest United States’ decision on Jerusalem.


After United Nations’ US representative Nikki Haley announced that they will cut the cord on Palestine in the case of not legitimising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and along with the video posted on social media and websites such as Milli Gazete and EHA Medya, it was claimed that UN’s Palestinian representatives danced the dabke in the General Assembly. On a Facebook page called “Osmanlı Geri Döndü” (The Ottoman Empire is Back), the video was shared by thousands and got viewed 43 thousand times.

However, the claim that says Palestinian representatives danced the dabke in the General Assembly after the United State’s decision on Jerusalem is not true. The video belongs to an event called International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and UN’s ambassador and also the singer Mohammad Assaf was singing. The event took place in the United Nations’ building on 23rd October 2013.

The person who asserted the claim states that he has done it to create a humor

The claim was posted on Twitter by a user named Sacha Saeen on 31st January, however, Sacha Saeen made a statement, for the ones who took it seriously, on his tweet which was retweeted 14 thousand times and got favorited 22 thousand times saying that it was meant to be a joke.

Translation: Tuğberk Nazik