The claim that the map shows the cities having large number of unsealed ballot papers

CLAIM / Image: Map of the cities which have a large number of unsealed ballots.  


Many news websites like Siyasi Haber, Dihaber, Demokrat Haber shared a map and claimed that this map is also ‘the map of unsealed ballot papers”. Sealing the ballot papers by local election councils is a legal obligation, in order to prove the ballot papers’ validness, according to the current election law.

During the constitutional referendum which was held on Sunday, April 16th, Supreme Election Council (YSK) announced a decision that ‘unsealed voting ballot papers will be considered as valid unless it is proven that they had been brought from outside’ [without the registration of local election councils]. After this controversial decision, it is claimed that Kurdish cities have the highest number of ‘unsealed ballot papers’, which was indicated in the map below.

However, the allegation that the map shows the cities which had unsealed ballot papers is not true. This screenshot, which was captured from an interactive map made by Kurdish Friendship of Brittany illustrates all irregularities on April 16th, throughout the Kurdish populated cities.

With this map, it is possible to see the conflicts, power relations, aggressions, arrests and migration movements in Kurdish populated regions by filtering the relevant cities and the cases on the website of Kurdish Friendship of Brittany.

Each symbol on the map shows different informations. For instance, the logo of the Police Department indicates the detentions and arrests on April 16th. On the other hand, AK Party logos show the suspicious cases which the AK Party members (such as the attack towards journalist Ali Bayramoğlu) are involved in. Turkish flag pins are used for other election irregularity related claims.

According to the website mentioned above, the marks on the image which was shared on social media also include these data regarding the constitutional referendum which was held on April 16th:

017/04/16: 2 arrests in polling stations

2017/04/16: 237 ‘No’ votes turned into ‘Yes’ ballots on the PV by the AKP

2017/04/16: 52 “disappeared” votes at the office Şehit Nafi Çevik

2017/04/16: 53 ‘missing’ ballot papers in Yunus Emre

2017/04/16: aggression of the Islamist pro-‘Non ‘Ali Bayramoğlu

2017/04/16: arrest of a voter in his polling station

2017/04/16: arrest of a young person in a polling station

2017/04/16: arrest of the assessor HDP Şadiye Demir

2017/04/16: arrest of the observer Can Gönülalan

2017/04/16: Arrest of Semra Uzunok (HDP) during the vote

2017/04/16: arrest of assessors HDP Haygül Aktaş & Rojin Şeker

2017/04/16: assassination of Abdülrezzak, Şehmus and İdris Yıldız (CHP) who opposed the AKP vote for absentees

2017/04/16: HDP assessor expelled by police

2017/04/16: HDP assessors expelled from polling station Toki

2017/04/16: beaten and expelled HDP assessors

2017/04/16: at least 25 prisoners illegally prohibited from voting

2017/04/16: pre-stamped ballots “Yes”

2017/04/16: electricity cut in the building where the votes are counted

2017/04/16: High Electoral Council decision to accept illegal stamps “Yes” (“Choice” is the normal stamp) and accept unbuffered envelopes

2017/04/16: voters forced to vote ‘Yes’ by police in Ertuğrul Gazi

2017/04/16: voters forced to vote by ballot opened by the muhtar

2017/04/16: voters forced to vote with open ballot

2017/04/16: voters forced to vote with open ballot

2017/04/16: voters forced to vote with open ballot

2017/04/16: voters forced to vote by open ballot in Yukarı Erhacı

2017/04/16: voters forced to vote by open ballot in 2 polling stations

2017/04/16: voters compelled to vote in open ballot by local nervi AKP Cihan Güven

2017/04/16: voters forced to vote in open ballot under threat of weapon in Çığırık

2017/04/16: voters forced to vote ‘Yes’ by gang AKP

2017/04/16: badly stamped envelopes

2017/04/16: badly stamped envelopes, blank ballot papers ‘Yes’ by head of polling station after closure

2017/04/16: unbuffered envelopes at Koca Ragıp Paşa

2017/04/16: envelopes not stamped at the polling station Sultançiftliği

2017/04/16: sending SMS to school principals by Metin İlci to force them to vote “Yes”

2017/04/16: expulsion of 2 assessors HDP refusing the open ballot vote

2017/04/16: false signatures recorded at Hazım Ersu

2017/04/16: Ban on the presence of foreign observers in polling stations

2017/04/16: Ban on the presence of foreign observers in polling stations

2017/04/16: prohibition of voting served by muhtar, only heads of families authorized with a “Yes”

2017/04/16: prohibition of voting served by muhtar, only heads of families authorized with a “Yes”

2017/04/16: prohibition of voting served by muhtar, only heads of families authorized with a “Yes”

2017/04/16: the muhtar of Çatbaşı Mehmet Koçlardan accompanies the voters in the polling booth and throws himself 5 envelopes in the urn

2017/04/16: torn enrollment lists

2017/04/16: lack of ballots in the (pro-Kurdish) offices Karşıyaka, Sakıp Sabancı, Çukurova, Hacı Nazım Turgut, Beyazevler Semiha Yücel & Mareşal Çakmak

2017/04/16: direct threats by Goksel Kavcan, mayor AKP de Mus, to arrest and dismiss voters wishing to use polling booths

2017/04/16: multiple arrests at the entrance to polling stations

2017/04/16: multiple incidents involving the presence of police in polling stations

2017/04/16: FTA observers forbidden to enter polling stations

2017/04/16: Observers prohibited from entering the Vega office

2017/04/16: no stamp on envelopes, will be done “later”

2017/04/16: Military patrols in polling stations

2017/04/16: policeman authorized to vote without convocation of vote

2017/04/16: Prosecution of AKP propaganda for ‘Yes’ during voting

2017/04/16: preparation of ballots so that only “yes” can be seen in office no. 1083

2017/04/16: presence of AKP ‘voting guides’ in offices

2017/04/16: presence of 2 armed soldiers in each polling station in Ağrı

2017/04/16: presence of armed soldiers in polling stations

2017/04/16: police pressure on voters to vote ‘Yes’

2017/04/16: open propaganda of AKP assessors in polling stations

2017/04/16: AKP-MHP propaganda stand at the entrance to the polling station

2017/04/16: “Yes” stamps rather than the “Choice” regulation in 159 polling stations

2017/04/16: attempt to obstruct the access of the assessors HDP

2017/04/16: ballot box 1057 filled with ‘Yes’ ballots at the office manager’s home

2017/04/16: urns moved to Cihanören without order o

2017/04/16: urns guarded by soldiers, voters threatened with destruction of village in case of victory of ‘No’

2017/04/16: use of a “Yes” stamp instead of “Choice”

2017/04/16: Vehicle broadcasting the “Yes” clip in the school yard

2017/04/16: Violent threats by the AKP against the voters of the ‘No’ 2017/04/16: ‘Yes’ vote of the elector Yakup Biçen on behalf of all the members of his family

2017/04/16: open ballot vote

2017/04/16: open ballot vote for the “Yes” organized by the AKP

2017/04/16: vote of armed soldiers

2017/04/16: vote of the muhtar in place of several people

2017/04/16: multiple voting by the muhtar who collected the identity documents of his relatives

2017/04/17: 184 unbuffered envelopes

2017/04/17: bulletins ‘Yes’ bulletins in bulk

The data seen above were created by filtering the date of April 16th. English version of these data is translated from French via Google Translate.

There is also an annotation that this map was created with the contributions of these Twitter accounts: @Syria_Rebel_Obs, @Kobane_YPG, @MarkMonmonier, @DefenseUnits, @deSyracuse, @ChuckPfarrer, @anfenglish, @jackshahine, @comcen76, @_paulo34, @ColdKurd, @Avashin, @sylezjusz. However there is no further information about how these data were confirmed, on Kurdish Friendship of Brittany website. The complete map which includes the whole data:

Translation: Gökçe Özsu