The claim of a video that shows kidnapped children by organ traffickers in Syria

CLAIM / Video: Organ traffickers captured Syrian kids.


ATTENTION: Sensitive content

A video in social media has become viral allegedly shows that Syrian kids kidnapped and their organs are stolen by organ traffickers.

However, the claim that the scenes in the video show the organ traffickers who are stealing Syrian kids’ organs is not representing the truth.

This video has been shared for the first time on December 11th, 2015, by being claimed that the beginning scenes of that video is about wounded kids in Russian airstrikes in Idlib, Syria. In the unedited version of the video obviously shows that a person with a blue clothes tries to treat a kid and that kid is alive.

It is understood that an logo on the blue clothes of the person who appears on the video means that person is a healthcare stuff of Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation.

This NGO defines themselves as an organization of shelter, food and water aid for the people who lost their homes, because of the war in Syria. Besides, they supply health service in the areas of emergency.

In the website of this NGO, there is a news about a routine vaccination conducted by them in Al Sham Center for Maternal and Infant in İdlib.

It is possible to see that a logo on the up-left corner of the video frame belongs to Smart News Agency. This agency uploaded the video which causes the allegation, on December 11th, 2015, on their YouTube channel. The title of the video is “Russian aircrafts massacred in Al-Qasabiya village, on the southern Idlib”.

Description text under the video states that 6 civilians died, 15 wounded in Russian airstrikes, according to the information that SMART reporters gathered.  

It is also possible to see from the video that a cassette has been tried to be inserted on the X-Ray machine in order to find out if there was a breakage on body of the crying little girl.

Smart News Agency, active in Syria, indicates their purpose as illustrating the events in Syria by news, photographs and videos, on their website. Besides, they has been found in Turkey, on August 2013 and also provide the latest news in Syria with pictures and texts in Arabic. There is an additional information about them that they has been supported by a project conducted by CFI (Canal France International) and promoted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, on October 2016.

Little Girl on the Video is Alive

A association named Syria Charity, a partner of United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), has shared a post on their Facebook account and denied this video that causes organ mafia allegations. It is possible to see the girl is still alive and also the interview with her and her parents. In that interview, it is completely denied that the organs of that girl has been stolen by organ traffickers.

Sham News Agency found the girl and the father and interviewed them, after the organ mafia claims. The little girl and her father answered the questions from the Agency and told about what happened. The father expresses how he was shocked as watching the video on the Internet, which causes allegations about his daughter’s organs have been stolen. He also adds he lost his sister and 2 kids in the Russian airstrikes. He indicates the allegations about his daughter’s organs have been sold is not true and she is in good health.

Besides, Smart News Agency states the allegations are not true and the interview with the girl on the video and her father broadcasted on Hawa Smart radio channel, on the answer the question from

Many news websites like BBC Türkçe reported many dead and wounded people in Russian airstrikes on December 2015, but Russia denied the claims and stated that they only targeted ISIL.

The image at the end of the video has been used on the Internet for many contents since 2010.

Translation: Gökçe Özsu