The allegation that votes were casted inside the car in Sorgun, Yozgat City

CLAIM / Video: The ballot paper was taken out to the car parked outside the school in Sorgun, Yozgat.


Through a video shared on social media, it has been claimed that the ballot paper was taken out of a school in Sorgun, Yozgat, so citizens inside a car were able to cast their votes.

It is possible to hear that the person shooting the video said: “Votes are being casted inside the car in Sorgun, Yozgat.”

Speaking to, the District Election Board of Sorgun confirmed the incident and said that the citizen was not able to walk, so the ballot paper was taken out. Asked whether a report was filed, an official of District Election Board said he didn’t have to provide details about the subject and the school garden was deemed within the borders of ballot box zone.

Commenting on the incident, Gürsel Çay, the main opposition party CHP’s District Head of Sorgun, stated that the incident took place more than once and a report was filed.

On the report it was said: “At the ballot-box no.1008 in Şehit Mustafa Tekgül Anadolu High School in Ahmetefendi, today at 9.30 a.m. and many more times, the election seal was taken out and votes were casted by 10-15 people in the school garden.”

Moreover in the 7th second of a 17-second video shared on social, it is possible to see the reflection of the school on the car’s window.

When TOKİ Şehit Mustafa Tekgül Anadolu High School is searched on Google Maps, it is seen that the images match with the school reflected on the car’s window.

Translation: Melek Güler