The allegation that the video shows the Israeli police officer strangling Palestinian child to death

CLAIM / Video: Israeli police officer strangled a Palestinian child to death.


It is claimed that a video shared on social media and on some news sites such as İstiklal shows Israeli police officer strangling a Palestinian child.

It was stated that the child was killed after the events that followed the announcement America would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Also, it was indicated that the video was removed from the platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

The video shared by users on Twitter on December 17 and received nearly 28,000 views.

The video got into circulation on WhatsApp groups and was also posted on YouTube by users from Turkey.

The video is from Sweden

However, the allegation that the Israeli police officer has strangled a Palestinian child is not true.

This video shows a private security guard taking a Muslim child into custody in Sweden’s Malmö city on February 6, 2015. The video can be seen in its entirety on Sydsvenskan Newspaper’s Youtube channel, also images taken by another eyewitness can be found here.   

In the news piece aired on Radio Sweden, it can be seen that the Swedish Police has opened an investigation into the video’s content. It is possible to reach the stories published by verification platforms such as The Observers and newspapers like The Independent.

The video also resonated in the Turkish media in 2015 and was reported by Kanal 7.