The allegation that the video shows men attack Saudi women drivers

CLAIM / Video: After the decision of allowing women to drive, Saudi men attack women in car.


It is claimed that a video shared on social media shows men while blocking a road were dropping driver women off their cars and lynching, after being allowed women to drive vehicle in Saudi Arabia. This video has been shared more than 7.000 through a Facebook page named Atatürk Sevdalıları, almost 4.000 through another Facebook page named Şüpheci Tanrı. Additionally, it is shared by numerous Twitter users.

However, the allegation asserting that the women driver has been dropped off and lynched in Saudi Arabia is not true. This video shows the arrest of an armed man who attempted to kidnapped a woman at a shopping mall in Riyadh, in 2014. The suspect has been arresting by the group of people including the security forces, according to this video.

An Arabic fact-checking platform named No Rumors, confirming the allegations from the official sources, also reported that this video is not about driver women, by their website and Twitter account.

A Facebook page named “Fight Myths Online” has also indicated this allegation that the video shows the men lynching driver women is false.

A man who threatened women has been arrested

The officials of Saudi Arabia has arrested a young man who appeared in a video threatening to burn women who had given up cars after a royal order to lift the ban on women driving on September 26 in Saudi Arabia.

According to CNN and Saudi officials’ announcement from Twitter, this man has been arrested on September 29th. Additionally, Ministry of Interior announced from Twitter that they are ready to implement the provisions of the traffic system and take all the measurements to maintain the security for both males and females.

Translation: Gökçe Özsu