The allegation that the video shows Israeli men setting a dog on a Palestinian boy

CLAIM / Video: Israeli men sic a dog on a Palestinian boy.  


It has been claimed that a video circulating on the social media shows some Israeli men torturing a Palestinian boy by setting a dog against him. The video got more than 44 thousand shares on a Facebook page called “Sizin Yol” and appeared on news sites such as Sabah, En Son Haber, and Haber Vaktim with the same claim in 2015.

However, the claim that the video’s content shows Israelis torture a Palestinian boy is not true. The video was shot in Oran province of Algeria and an investigation was opened about five men appearing in the video.

On April 27th, 2015, the same video was shared on the Facebook page of with a note asserting that the incident happened in Algeria. On April 29th of the same year, a video-sharing platform, LiveLeak added the video to its content with the note that the video was from Algeria and dog was set on the child for entertainment.

The video published in Algerian newspapers

The video was also mentioned in a piece published in El Bilad newspaper which is in circulation in Algeria since 1999.

The same video was also circulated in different countries accompanied by the claim that it shows Israeli men torturing a Palestinian child.

Translation: Rumeysa Sena Şahbaz