The allegation that the video shows an Uyghur Turk was beaten by Chinese authority

CLAIM / Video: Muslim Uyghur was beaten by Chinese authority.


WARNING: The following piece may contain sensitive content.

It’s been claimed that a video, which was shared on the social media and sent to as a notice, shows the violence committed against a Muslim Uyghur Turk. The video received more than 22.000 shares on the Facebook page Boyabatlım. The same video was viewed more than a million times and received 27.000 shares on another Facebook page called Surelerin Faziletleri ve Münacat Duaları.

However, the claim is not true. The video shows the violence committed by Indonesian security forces against a member of a gang, following his capture.

In a news site called Tribunnews that reaches to 28 regions with a news crew of 500 in Indonesia, it is stated that the members of a gang, which verbally and physically harassed citizens, were captured. It is also asserted in Tribunnews’ article that the video shows security forces using violence against the gang members. Another piece on Tribunnews included the testimonies of twenty people attacked by the gang on 22th of May.

In the incidents that took place in Jagakarsa region of South Jakarta, the gang harassed the citizen by patrolling the streets with machetes.

The members of the group who have been harassing people in Indonesia for a while and called themselves “Japanese Gangsters” were captured in May.

It is possible to see the photos of the gang members in other news sites run in Indonesia.

The uniforms in the video belong to Indonesian security forces

The conclusion that the video is from Indonesia can be confirmed with the uniforms of the security forces in the video. The hats of the security officers working in Jakarta read PKD. The same hat can be seen on the security officer shown in the video.

The security officer shown beating the gang member in the video is from Indonesian National Armed Forces.

Translation: Rumeysa Sena Şahbaz