The allegation that an actress showered with headscarf in a shampoo ad

CLAIM / Video: The video that includes a scene with an actress showering with her headscarf belongs to a shampoo ad which broadcasted in Malaysia.


It has been claimed that a video which got shared by many news websites and Twitter accounts like BirGün, ODA TV, ABC Gazetesi, Kaç Saat Oldu? belongs to a shampoo ad which broadcasted in Malaysia, in which the actress in the video got showered by foaming her headscarf.

Tweet: Shampoo ad suiting Islam, from Malaysia

The allegation that the video is a shampoo ad which broadcasted in Malaysia is not true. The video is actually a parody of a Sunsilk shampoo company ad and produced for a headscarf company called Escarves. It is possible to see other humorous contents which is produced by the same production company.

This ad has been produced by a production company named  Mr The All Shared and broadcasted on April 17th, on their YouTube channel for the very first time. The company describes themselves as a filmmaker/cameraperson who tries to spread Islam and its affection to the society in the international level by high quality videos/films.

It is possible to watch the whole parody ad video below, regarding an old ad of the shampoo company called Sunsilk:

The ad video of Sunsilk broadcasted in 2006:

The video has been produced for the headscarf company named Escarves

Mr The All Shared gives the names of their clients under their ad videos. In this video, the headscarf company called Escarves has been given in the “Klien” section which means “the client”.

Mr The All Shared Production also shared a post on Facebook and indicated that “Our  Escarves HQ Video has already reached international levels. Here is a marketing success!”

The video has been broadcasted on Escarves’ Facebook page on April 18. At the end of the video the ad for the Escarves appears.

The reason of this allegation which occurred after this video is that the shampoo company entitled Sunsilk hires actresses with headscarfs for their ads.

The production company entitled Mr The All Shared stated that they only broadcast their ad videos online, while answering the questions from

The production company stated that the headscarf company called Escarves is their client and added: “The headscarf company asked us to promote their products. All the ideas, script and production belong to us. People supposed that this video is a shampoo ad because they did not watch the whole video. The video that we produced for Escarves is actually a parody of a shampoo ad which has been broadcasted on Malaysian TV. We did it because we wanted our commercial film to be more creative and funny.”

Translation: Gökçe Özsu