Photo belongs to Ahmed Çetin from AK Party not the assailant who killed Karlov

CLAIM / Photo: The photo of police officer Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, the killer Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov, with the AK Party Youth Branch members.


Some Twitters accounts with many followers, such as İlhan Tanır, shared the claims that a man in a photo of AK Party Youth Branch members, is Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, who assassinated Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov on December 19th.


It was argued that the man who shot the Ambassador is the person who stands in front of the AK Party flag.

Shortly after the photo spread on social media, AK Party Kastamonu Youth Branch Board Member Ahmed Çetin stated that he is the person in the photo. The video was also shared by AK Party Kastamonu Youth Branch Board Member Aydın Balcı on Twitter.

Ahmed Çetin can be seen among the members of the Board on the website of the AK Party Kastamonu Organization. Also on the Facebook page of the AK Party Kastamonu Youth Branches, it is possible to see the photos of Çetin.


AK Party Kastamonu Youth Branch: We have donated blood in the Kızılay center in our town with the slogan “My blood for the Motherland”. We invite people of Kastamonu and the Kastamonu youth to donate blood.

AK Party Kastamonu Youth Branch Chairman Musa Kalafat told that Ahmed Çetin has served in the party organization for five years and that he is a person who wouldn’t even hurt a fly. He said it was a smear campaign and that the (Party’s) provincial, county organizations succeeded in rebuffing it.

In the interview we conducted with Ahmed Çetin, who was claimed to be Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, Çetin stated that the photo belonged to one year ago and he doesn’t remember the which event was it exactly. He told that he will not stop pursuing this affair and he argued that someone is conducting a smear campaign againts him by using photos that look like to him.

When we look at Ahmed Çetin’s Facebook account, it is possible to see that he has been participating in AK Party’s events for a while.

Translation: Yusuf Tatlı