PayPal’s response to claims about its return to Turkey in March

CLAIM: PayPal is going to start providing service in Turkey in March 2017.


According to the reports featured on Sabah, Shifdelete and some other news sites in August and republished by Webtekno, Yeni Akit and Tekno Dayı in the past few days, it has been claimed that PayPal, who stopped its activities in Turkey with a statement published on their website, is going to return to Turkey in March 2017.

It has been claimed that PayPal, who stopped his activities in Turkey upon the rejection of its license application to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), is going to restart its activities in Turkey with the Cross Border system. It is reported that PayPal will bring its servers to Turkey in time and its licence was approved by the BDDK.

While there is no source nor statement cited to support the claim, according to the board decisions on the official website of the BDDK, there is no such resolution.

Statement from PayPal

Upon the reports on the media, PayPal Turkey, on its official Twitter account, stated that there is no new developments about the its activities in Turkey.


We’ve seen the reports on the media. However, there is no new information about our activities in Turkey.

Translation: Yusuf Tatlı