On the strength of defending truth: teyit turns 2

Any social enterprise should be able to act like a living organism that can breathe, integrate into environment and create value. So then it needs a basic drive owned by any living creature: survival instinct.

A company or an enterprise needs to learn how to survive prior to flourishing, developing and making way. It needs to have the ability to protect itself by acting instinctively against hazards. It should adapt to its environment and certainly maintain its evolution as it feels the pleasure of breathing in its lungs.

The first second years of teyit passed with learning to walking around without being beaten in free-for-alls, succeeding in not falling and understanding what to do in case of falling.

The most challenging aspect was to continue daily publishing stream while trying to generate an organization with an established team dynamics. Besides, it was not easy to strive to raise the quality of work while concentrating on the appropriate revenue models. We took care of forming all systems and flows within the organization in the light of certain values. The time we spent to ensure that these systems are fair and provide social benefit retarded some of our plans.

Although such principles which guide us on our way seemed exaggerated or unnecessary in the eyes of many people initially, they made our pending plans realized. Internal and external relations of teyit consolidated with these principles as well.

We achieved injecting ourselves into the main veins that convey knowledge. However, the major success was to be able to spread the idea of teyit rather than teyit. Now, we know the first question which comes to minds of our followers when they obtain information is what if it is false? We are aware of that their first step is to check the accounts of teyit.

In essence, we are deeply influenced by daily artificialities in our lives. This influence transformed teyit into a vaccine against the outbreak of false information as well as putting an end to regarding teyit just as an intervention medium used to dress the wounds created by false information.

In real terms of this hyperbolic metaphor, we need to develop and massify the vaccine. Furthermore, we need to resist the anti-vaxxers. We recognize that the apathy towards truth which is mostly featured by the age of Pinocchios called post-truth treats even the immunity of vaccinated structures.

This is a new starting point for us. We should recode our digital paths as we determine plans for the next year and imagine where we want to be in our fifth year. We should be able to reach more people with more diversified tools and construct a line of defense in front of the truth, using a variety of publishing.

In the following year, we will give weight to development and growth in content creation of teyit. Such growth will provide us the opportunities to experience the brand-new models in Turkish media and allow us to reach unattained masses in the next years. We will revive true information in every line of vision we touch and boost the enthusiasm for obtaining truth in any mind.

We will enhance a new approach gradually in this media environment which is deprived of innovation and entrepreneurship. We will fertilize these barren lands until new organizations find the chance to come into leaf.

Our adopted values and the social benefit we intend to create urge us to share, cooperate and act collectively. We will accept this obligation with its challenges, and keep our harmony with all institutions where we create transparency.

Gülin Çavuş (Editor-in-chief)

We would like to announce two important news about teyit.org here: I assign my Editor-in-Chief position to Gülin Çavuş. We believe that such assignment implemented practically for a while will contribute to visibility of female employees in our sector as well as affecting the content quality of teyit.org and the expansion of fact-checking field in Turkey positively. I will continue to spare my efforts in strategy, planning and business development within teyit.   

The second news is about Şükrü Oktay Kılıç who has joined to our family with the aim of reviewing our digital content strategy, finding new paths and establishing new content relationships. His experience in media companies, especially Al Jazeera and his vision on the future of journalism will reshape the next couple of years of teyit.

Şükrü Oktay Kılıç (Digital Content Strategist)

In the past two years, we learnt to avoid the ones who claim “being true” and to survive while challenging the mistakes. We noticed the distinction between lie and fallacy, and the nested existence of truth and tripe.

On the other hand, we feel the growth of teyit community. We flourish and progress with your support.

We will keep on taking stronger and firmer steps forward collectively against all obscurities…