Not a mass execution image from Iran, but a dance show in Iceland

CLAIM / Photo: The mass execution of the PKK’s Iran branch.


Since the abortive coup of July 15th, many political figures and social media users have been pleading for the execution of the Gülenists and the PKK members. After the Kayseri explosion this demand surfaced again with a false image.

It was alleged that the photo, shared in social media and showed that about 60 people were connected by a crane, belongs to a collective execution in Iran.


Tweet: This is Iran and the hanged people are the PKK’s Iran branch, Iran has ended terror in 2 years thanks to this.

However, the photo is not from Iran nor another Islamic country. The claim that “the people in the photo were executed” does not reflect the truth.

Photo is from a dance show

The photo belongs to a dance show called “Human net” by the Catalan performing arts group La Fura dels Baus, whichuses different choreography and elements at each show.


© Sigurtor Holm – From the show in Iceland

La Fura dels Baus, which have previously performed also in Istanbul, took part in the art festival of Iceland’s Reykjavík and displayed the Human Tower show in 2011.

Although there are many photos of the group, who performed at an art festival, on their website, the photo shared with claim it belongs to an execution, was taken by Daniel Grendon during the rehearsals of the show in Reykjavik, and it was published on Flickr in 2011.


© Daniel Grendon – From the rehearsals of the show in Iceland

The group wears white uniform during the show but for rehearsals they wear casual clothes. The same method was used in Istanbul before the Istanbul Culture and Arts Foundation (IKSV) 40th year special show.


From the rehearsals in Istanbul


From the rehearsals in Istanbul