New York Times tweeted “Erdogan’s supporters are sheep”?

CLAIM: The New York Times tweeted "The Erdogan supporters are sheep"


After the coup attemt on July 15th, 2016, an article by Ceylan Yeginsu  was published on the New York Times on July 18th. The article was shared on the New York Times’s twitter with the quote “The Erdoğan supporters are sheep and they will follow whatever he says.”  The tweet was shared on July 19th, 2.32 pm.

After hour and half the tweet, the New York Times announced that “the statement in question belongs to the previous version of the article and article was updated“. In the new version of the article, the statement was changed and Tim Arango and Ben Hubbard was added as authors alongside with Ceylan Yeginsu.


Since the article was not deleted and changed on the website, the tweet with “The Erdogan supporters are sheep” links to the new version of the article. In the new version of the article the statement “Erdogan supporters are sheep, and they will follow whatever he says” is not there.


The tweet is true but the statement belongs to Kapıcı

There are other hints pointing that the the article was changed and the statement in question was removed. Author Yeginsu shared the article on her twitter on July 18th.

In addition to this, many news sites did not include the alteration made by the New York Times. The Boston Globe is only one of these news sites.

In conclusion, while the tweet in question is true, the statement itself belongs to interviwee Seda Kapıcı not Yengisu.