It is true that Abu Hanzala is going to attend a seminar in Ankara

CLAIM: Abu Hanzala who is detained and then released after the allegation of  relations with ISIS in Turkey, is going to attend a seminar in Ankara. The announcement of seminar takes place on billboards in Etimesgut, Ankara  


News sites such as Oda TV, Yeni Çağ and Sözcü claimed that code-named Abu Hanzala, Halis Bayancuk who has been associated with ISIS’s Turkish branch and detained before, is going to speak at a seminar in Ankara.

In addition, it is said that commercial banners located in Etimesgut consisted the announcement of seminar in Ankara, which Bayancuk is going to attend.

It is true that Hanzala is going to attend a seminar

It is true that Halis Bayancuk will attend a panel on 26 February in Ankara, according to Tevhid Magazine and internet site, which share the videos of Abu Hanzala titled as “Tevhid Dersleri”.

In the announcements which is declared by the website and Tevhid Magazine, a video under the name of “Tevhid Dersleri” it is true that Halis Bayancuk is going to attend a seminar in Ankara on 26th of February. The website also announced that Bayancuk attended another seminar in their İstanbul office last week. In addition to that a Facebook page named “Ebu Hanzala” created an event about the seminar, which is going to take place in Ankara.

Commercial banner is not real

It is claimed that a Facebook page named Tevhid Ağacı which announced the seminar, shared an image that showed Abu Hanzala is going to attend a seminar on the commercial banners in Etimesgut.

However the image is not real. A commercial banner, which is located in Karşıyaka, İzmir had been photoshopped by the Tevhid Ağacı page and montaged the photo of Abu Hanzala’s image and announcement of the seminar. For the difference between real and montaged photo, you can slide the bar in the image below.

Facebook page, which shared the adjusted image of commercial banner Tevhid Ağacı and Tevhid Magazine’s website accepted the montage on the image and shared this statement:

The post which is shared by the social media page Tevhid Ağacı on 25 February 2017 that created the perception of Abu Hanzala’s seminar is going to be arranged by Etimesgut Municipality is totally photoshopped. Right and left flanks who are ready to engage Muslims with the name of “ISIS” did not hesitate to use the photoshopped image as news without checking it before hand. When the post turned into an attack against Muslims and some Muslim groups, related page removed the post and published an apology.

Panel has cancelled

Halis Bayancuk who is code-named Abu Hanzala was detained in 2011 with the allegations of connection to Al Qaeda and released in 2014. In year of 2015 Bayancuk also detained with the allegations of relation to ISIS and released in 2016.

After the publication of the analysis in our Turkish website, the Facebook page Tevhid Dersleri aired an online video of Abu Hanzala hours before the seminar, declaring that Abu Hanzala will not attend to the seminar which was going to take place in 26th of February 2017. Abu Hanzala stated that they accepted the cancellation of the seminar as a threat by claiming that the decision was taken by the Governorship of Ankara. You can watch Abu Hanzala’s statement in the video below. Ankara Governorship Press Unit stated to that they do not have any information about the cancellation of the seminar.