Fake news we encounter while Pokemon hunting

1. Pokemon caused multiple-vehicle collision in the US

CLAIM: A driver in the US, caused an accident while he was trying catch Pokemons.


The story was published by CartelPress.com, a website known for fictional news stories. This accident did not happened (at least for now).

2. A man fell off a bridge while playing Pokemon

CLAIM:  A man playing Pokemon Go fell off a bridge while he was trying to catch Pokemons. There is no news story about this incident. The image shared in social media belongs to a motorcycle accident.


3. Two man shot each other for Pokemon

CLAIM: Two man who tried to catch the same Pokemon shot each other.


This is one of the edited images made for fun on social media. The photograph belongs to an armed fight in Rize.

4. “Don’t Pokemon and Drive” sign in Utah

CLAIM: “Don’T Pokemon and Drive” warning sign in Utah.

This is an edited version of the photograph, that spreaded on Reddit.