Extraterrestrial bug: Weta in New Zealand forests

CLAIM: An extraterrestiral bug was discovered in the forests of Australia.  The bug is composed of silicon and does not defaecate. It is ignored by the other animals in the forest.


According to the story published on some news site like Hürriyet and Yeni Bakış, an extraterrestrial bug was discovered in the Australian forests, in the result of studies conducted in the University of Sydney. According to claims the bug in question does not deafecat, ignored by other animals in the forest and composed of silicon.

The bug deemed extraterrestiral is a species called Giant Weta that lives in New Zealand. You can find more information about the animal on its Wikipedia page.

John Bergman from Biology Department of University of Sydney, from the story, is a fabricated character.  There is no academician named John Bergman in said department.