Does the video show that those who go to malls are welcomed with the meme music of Coffin Dance?

CLAIM: The video shows that those who go to malls are welcomed with the meme music known for Coffin Dance.


According to the claims on social media, the video shows that those who enter the mall are welcomed with the music known for memes of the Coffin Dance team. Some of the posts claimed the video recorded in Turkey. One of them just got more than 14.000 likes and retweeted nearly 2000 times.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, shopping malls were closed in many countries, but they are about to reopen with the new decisions in many countries. Shopping malls reopened within the scope of the normalization process in Turkey as of May 11, 2020. The criticism that the decision to open was early caused some posts on social media. The video in the claim also conveys the message that a possible early opening may be dangerous because the music in the video is known for the videos and memes with Coffin Dance.

When we search the video by InVID tool, the views appear to have been shared in other countries with a similar claim. The first information about the video is on April 22, 2020. At that time, a shopping mall in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, decided to reopen the mall, which was closed due to Covid-19. It is possible to see the original video in the news about the reopening. In this video, it is seen that the saxophonist greets people with music and people applaud.

The music, which is known for the Coffin Dance team’s views, is Astronomia 2K19, released by Stephan F in 2019. AFP Brazil fact-checker team also prepared an analysis about it and stated that the audio in the video was added later.

In conclusion, the claim is not true. The music was added later. The video was destroyed on purpose. It was recorded in Santa Catarina in Brazil. The post in question is an example of manipulated content.


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Translation: Hilal Ebru Yakar