Does the video show that people in India are being punished by putting them next to the COVID-19 patient?

CLAIM: Indian police put those who do not comply with the curfew next to a fake Covid-19 patient in the ambulance.


A video was shared on social media and was claimed to show that Indian police put people who do not comply with the curfew next to a fake COVID-19 patient in the ambulance to punish them. The news sites also reported the video with the note that Indian police punished people to give a lesson in this way. In the video, while the Indian police check on the roads, he stops the motorcycle with three people who do not obey the curfew and do not wear a mask. The police punish these three people by placing them in an ambulance, which is claimed to have patients with the new coronavirus. In the video, people try to escape from it.

When we search for the video, we find news on Telangana Today, an Indian newspaper. According to the news, the police came up with a creative idea for those who do not obey the curfew in the region of Tiruppur in the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India.

On the YouTube channel called “Tamil Nadu Police”, the original video was shared on 24 April 2020 by the police of Tiruppur. The explanation of the video is “no fear, stay home”. This practice is not applied regularly in India. The police recorded the video to raise awareness about the epidemic. The fact-checker platform, dpa-Faktencheck stated that the video was prepared by the police for the informative campaign.

Indian police use interesting and humorous methods to warn people about the curfew and the epidemic. The police warned people about the curfew and masks by wearing headguards looking like the virus.

In India, with a population of over 1.3 billion, curfews were announced until April 14 to limit human mobility against the new coronavirus on 24 March. When it was declared, there were 500 Covid-19 patients in the country. In some states, this restriction was later extended until May 1. On May 1, the curfew was extended until May 17 across the country. Those who do not comply with the curfew in India are given up to a year in prison or a fine.

According to the data of Johns Hopkins University, there are over 46,000 Covid-19 cases in India by May 5.

In conclusion, the claim is not true. Indian police recorded and released the video to warn people about the bans. The post in question is an example of parody.


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Translation: Hilal Ebru Yakar