Does the raki protect against the coronavirus?

CLAIM: The raki is a solution to the new coronavirus (Covid-19).


The photo of a press clipping was shared on social media platforms and WhatsApp. The title of the clipping is “Raki as a solution to Corona”. The clipping says that the World Health Organization suggested the consumption of two glasses of raki per day as a solution to Corona until the completion of vaccine tests. 

The image has been created on a website where anyone can create whatever they want. When the photo is searched by the reverse visual search method, we find many contents with different subjects with similar clipping. This arouses doubt of montage about the photo.

The common point of these photos is that they have been created in an online platform, called Fodey, which was also stated by Malumatfuruş in their analysis of the claim.

In the clipping, John Distill is mentioned as the spokesman of the organization. The name is likened by John Distilleries, an Indian alcohol company producing distilled beverages. The spokesman of the World Health Organization is Tarik Jasarevic, which can be found on the website of the organization.

Among the basic protective measures, there is nothing about drinking raki to create an autoimmune system against the virus. Also, it is stated that the claim that alcohol kills the virus is not true under the section of “myth-busters”. It says that alcohol and chlorine can be only used to disinfect surfaces.  

In conclusion, the claim that raki or alcohol is the solution to the COVID-19 is not true. The photo was created on an online platform. The claim is based on a fabricated content


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Translation: Hilal Ebru Yakar