CNN Turk uses Arbil photo instead of Mosul

CLAIM / Photo: The photograph was taken from the sky during the beginning of the military operation to Mosul.


Three photographs were presented as they belong the Mosul operation on CNN Türk’s show Gündem Özel, hosted by Deniz Bayramoğlu,  while the operation was being discussed.


The last photograph represented to the screen was an image giving the impression that it was taken from a plane or a drone and showing the lights of the city. According to the host, the city in the photographs were Mosul and black spots were smoke from the oil barrels lit up by ISIS.


The photo which CNN Turk represented

Contrary to Bayramoğlu’s claim, the photographs were not from Mosul or the Mosul operation. In the post shared by on Instagram, there are tags indicating that the photograph is from Arbil.


Additionally, on the website of the Regional Kurdish Government, the photograph labeled as Arbil from the sky during nightfall corresponds with the photograph presented as Mosul.