Allegations on cancelling the voting for referendum in Frankfurt

CLAIM: Ballot boxes are closed and voting procedure is cancelled in Frankfurt.


According to the allegations, the ballot boxes, which were prepared for Turkish citizens to vote on constitutional amendments in Consulate General of Turkey in Frankfurt, were closed after someone was found out to vote twice, and voting has been cancelled in Frankfurt.

Voting procedure is cancelled in Frankfurt. Reason: The AKP was found to have made the ninth irregularity during the voting. Supreme Election Council have to cancelled.

The news was first published by Sözcü daily on April 1. In the story of Ali Gülen, it was stated that an official report was written following the allegation that someone had voted twice in the ballot boxes at Frankfurt Consulate General, and thus Supreme Election Council ordered the voting to be halted.

It was also stated in the news that after 2 hours, Supreme Election Council had decided the voting to continue. However the news was shared on the social media, claiming that the whole process of the voting was stopped in the Frankfurt Consulate General.

However, the allegation that ballot boxes were closed completely and voting was halted is not true. Voting was interrupted for a while at only one ballot box on suspicion of repeated vote.

Voting procedure was halted for a while

After contacting with Supreme Election Council, they told us that there was no such thing as closing the ballot boxes and the voting is continuing. The ballot boxes are closed down at the end of daily voting time and reopened the day after. Supreme Election Council also stated that the board did not make a decision on the repeated vote yet and the Council will come to a conclusion on the matter.

As Burak Karartı, Turkey’s Consul General in Frankfurt, stated to Anadolu Agency (AA), it was true that an official report was written down for the repeated voting but the news about the cancellation of the voting procedure was not true.

Oktan Erdikmen, Halk TV’s representative in Germany, who follows the voting process closely, also confirmed the incident and said:

There isn’t any problem with the voting procedure in Frankfurt. Someone tried to cast vote twice. That’s why a ballot box was closed for a short period until Supreme Election Council’s response was received.  Other ballot boxes were not closed in that period and now all of the ballot boxes are open and operating.

Pursuant to the Supreme Election Council’s Resolution No. 101 taken on February 15, 2017, ballot boxes will only be located at Consulate Generals in Germany.

Translation: Ekin Gürel and Melek Güler