Allegation that Daily Telegraph claimed earthquake will take place in Istanbul on March 9 not true

CLAIM: Daily Telegraph Newspaper stated that there would be an earthquake on 8:25 AM, 9th of March 2017. The newspaper also knew the Van earthquake beforehand.


According to several social media accounts’ posts, Daily Telegraph Newspaper which is released in United Kingdom published the expected İstanbul earthquake’s date as 9 March 2017.

Allegations are based on the Telegraph news from 21 December 2010 with the headline of “How to Examine Earthquakes”. The news by the Neil Tweedle conveyed examinations of several fault lines by the Faultine Living Expedition crew and also some predictions by earthquake experts.

Şerif Barış who examined the North Anatolian Fault Line stated to the press that “After the 1999 earthquake, the probability of an earthquake in the next 30 years in the aftermath of the 1999 earthquake with the measure of 7.5 at Richter scale to occur in İstanbul is calculated as 65 %. Today, we have left behind 10 years”. The article continues as follows:

March 9 2017 Thursday, 08:25 AM. As always, it is an ordinary day for 15 million people who are going to their work by automobiles and busses.

“Without any warning earth starts to crumble. Buildings start to collapse and fall. Pipelines of gas and water broke which leads to several explosions. With panic, telephone lines collapse. People who are walking under a sunny day by the Marmara Sea realize the Tsunami that is going to swallow them.”

Both date and script are fictional

The original text of the news whose translated version  was published in 2010 by the news websites such as Hürriyet, NTV and CNN Türk did not contain any evidence mentioning İstanbul earthquake which will take place on 9 March 2017.


After our conversation with Kandilli Observatory about the recent social media news that claims another earthquake in Adıyaman will occur at 21:00, experts stated that it is impossible for any kind of technology to give exact details of an earthquake and it’s time.

It is possible to say that the fictional text and the date conveyed in the introductory paragraph of the news that shared views of the researchers ad experts is drafted with a view to strengthen the narrative on how a probable earthquake will affect the Istanbul city.

In addition, the claims that the Telegraph Newspaper had successfully predicted the Van earthquake beforehand does not reflect reality.

In the website of the Telegraph, it can be seen that the news about the Van earthquake is published after the October 23rd 2011, a date after the earthquake had taken place. Also in the Telegraph website, it is not possible to find a news with a reference to the Van earthquake. In the Turkish based news sites, you can only find an Azerbaijani scientist’s comments about the prediction of the earthquake.