Allegation of Mumay being hired by Blick which have published Turkish headline for referendum

CLAIM: Swedish newspaper Blick that used the headline of “Vote for Erdoğan’s dictatorial” transferred Bülent Mumay to the newspaper.


Allegations were made on Bülent Mumay’s transfer to  the Swedish newspaper Blick. These allegations were made on A Haber news channel’s Söz Teması TV program moderated by Orhan Sali on March 15 while discussing the rising tension between Turkey and Netherlands. Source of this claim was pointed as Bülent Mumay’s article for the Blick newspaper on 15th of March.

On the TV program Bülent Mumay’s article brought to the screen and Orhan Sali states “In this picture former Hürriyet staff Bülent Mumay now works for Blick and writes for Blick. I wonder if Bülent Mumay gave the Turkish headline for Blick? It won’t be a coincidence that Bülent Mumay is transferred to Blick after the Turkish headline”.

However these claims does not reflect reality. Journalist Bülent Mumay shared the column that he has written as “I have criticized the headline “Vote ‘No’ against Erdoğan’s dictatorial” actually Erdoğan thanks you” from his personal social media account.

When we look at the article written by Bülent Mumay on Blick we can see “Gastkommenter” statement which means guest writer.

Former-Head of Hürriyet’s digital publications Bülent Mumay writes as a guest writer for Blick-Action. “Erdoğan’s rage is just a game”.

In the context of column Mumay mentions President Erdoğan’s campaign of “Yes” reaching abroad as a polarizing factor. Another point by Mumay is the crisis between Netherlands is used as a diversion to influence undecided voters in order to show Europe as an enemy. Mumay refers statements of Hüseyin Kocabıyık MP from AKP who stated, “After the crisis between Germany and Netherlands, “Yes” votes have risen two percent” and adds that the headline of Blick supports the views of Erdoğan being insurgent against the world.

For the allegations made on A Haber, Mumay tweeted “If I am appointed as the head of every newspaper I write for, today I would be editorial director of 5-6 newspapers and several television channels.”

Translation: Ekin Gürel