Allegation of A Haber airing “Dutch Police used Atomic Bomb” headline on the news not true

CLAIM / IMAGE: A Haber aired “Dutch police used atomic bomb” headline on the news broadcast.


With the circulation of above image on the social media, there were claims that A Haber, Turkish news channel, used a headline on the news stating “Dutch police used atomic bomb on the protesters who were protesting the deportation of Minister of Family and Social Policies Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya”.

However, this claim does not reflect reality. The montaged image used in this claim was also used before, with “Turkey is full of tourists” headline. Another fact is that Büşra Akın who appears in the image no longer works for A Haber but for the Anadolu Agency.

Büşra Akın was previously brought to the fore on the social media because of her dressing style via the same picture showing her on the news with the headline referring to an interview with the Israeli newspaper journalist Gideon Levy.

Nevertheless, despite all the efforts we were not able to reach recording of mentioned interview. With that, it is possible to say that montaged image circulating on the social media was built on this picture.