AK Party ads on the road to Gulen’s house

CLAIM: AK Party advertised on the billboards near the roads going to Gülen's house.


The claim that there is AK Party election propaganda on the bilboards on the road goes to Gülen’s house is true.


The photographs of three different bilboards on social media. Upon the claims that the first billboard shared was on I-80 highway, we have come with the result below via Google Maps by using the hints “Day Inn” and “Old Exit 53” signs.

The image taken from Google Maps Street View. Exact coordinates are 40.985014, -75.138192

From the image above, we can understand there is billboard as claimed in that particular space and it projects the image in pixels as in the suspicious image.

You can see the second billboard circulating on social media.

We verified this billboard via another tweet. A user named Esat Türkyolu tweeted a video taken with a drnoe. At the end of the video the adverstisement on the billboard is changing. This and the other details, like trees, from Google maps enabled us to verify that the image was not edited.

Bilboards are on the way going to Gülen’s house

You can find the location of the bilboards and Gülen’s house from this interactive map.