5 fake images became viral with the tag #IsraelFires

5 fake images became viral with the tag #İsrailYanıyor (#IsraelFires)

Thousands of people had to evacuate their homes due to the fire ongoing for 6 six days in many different regions of Israel. Israel security forces has detained twelve people with the suspicion of arson in relation to the fires came after two months of drought.

According to Haaretz’ story, Turkey, Palestine, Russia, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus has sent 10 aircrafts to extinguish the fire.

On Twitter, a great number of images were shared with the popular tag #İsrailYanıyor (Israel is Burning). However, not all of these visual material related to the fire in Israel is true.

1. The so-called video of explosion in Israel.

A video claimed to be from an explosion in Israel was shared on Facebook and viewed almost 200,000 times. Nevertheless, contrary to the claim the video is not from the fires in Israel but it belongs to an explosion that took numerous lives in the industrial district of Tianjin, China.


2. The word Allah in the Israeli mountain


In a photo shared by some social media users, it is claimed that the word “Allah” in Arabic language appeared on a mountain. However, contrary to claims, the photo is not from Israel. It has been said that this photo is from is taken after the Kelud Volcano exploded in Java, Indonesia.

In the original photo below there is no “Allah” writing anywhere.


3. Another photo claimed to be from Israel.


Contrary to the claims the photo is not from the fires in Israel. It was taken during a fire in a paper factory in Jeddah.

4. Jews watching the fire


Although the photo was taken in Israel, it was taken during a fire that took 41 lives in 2010.

5. Image of a burning city


This photo is from the from the Great Fire of Valparaiso that claimed numerous live in 2014 in Chile.

You can see verified news about the Israel fires on Haaretz