4000 reports, 174 analyses, 54 ‘warnings’ in 6 months

* This article is written using data from between 26 October 2016 and 26 April 2017.

On 26 April 2016, we reached the 6 month of our journey we started with dreams of a world based on truth. For six months, we strived to perform our responsibility to propagate real information with support of our users.

We did not spend the last six months merely by writing analyses. We also published 55 #Verify articles to improve digital literacy and explain verification processes and the importance of verifying news on the Internet. These articles covered many aspects from post-truth arguments to the use of verification tools and fake news discussions in other countries.

We held 6 verification trainings in this period. We were invited to 6 conferences as speakers and we gave interviews to 32 different media channels. With contributions of Pirate Party Turkey and under Mehmet Atakan Foça’s editorship, on 16 December, we published Verification Handbook which was translated to Turkish in 2014, in print.

On 5 January 2017, we became a partner of First Draft News Network, which is established to increase awareness on trust and truth in the digital age, and carried our responsibility to reveal the truth on the Internet to international arena. Since 1 February 2017 we have been working with ekşi sözlük, “Holy Source of Information”, to prevent false information on ekşi sözlük. Also, on 12 April, we announced teyit.link on which we can store links used as sources in our analyses with their time stamps, so that these links can be accessible all the time.

Finally, on February, we held a training session for trainers, bringing academics from various disciplines and journalists together. Soon, we will publish the outputs of this meeting on fake news as a “Guide”.

Our team of 5 ran into 226 suspicious news on the Internet. And we published 174 of them in our web site as analyses, and 52 in social media with a “WARNING” heading. We marked 26 of these news as “True”, 184 “False”, 10 “Mix”, and 6 of them as “Uncertain”.

teyit.org on social media

Our mission is not limited to detecting suspicious news and publishing them on the web site. Propagating true information is one of our priority targets. In order to propagate the analyses through which we present true and false aspects of news, we use the social media which is a source of news for 73 per cent of internet users in Turkey. Along with the analyses published in our web site, we sometimes produce content right on social media with an “ATTENTION” heading.

We reached 92,162 followers in 6 months. The 498 contents we published were retweeted nearly 70 thousand times, and viewed nearly 34 million times.

Followers: 92.162

Total number of views: 33.794.554

66.319 of the viewers retweeted the content, and 528.428 of them clicked on the links we shared to read the analyses or to see the evidence.

We reached nearly 23 thousand page likes in 6 months. 274 contents we published were shared nearly 20 thousand times, and reached 5 million people in this 6 month-period.

Page likes: 22.376

Total reach: 5.354.883

19.205 of the people who viewed our Facebook contents shared them, and 322.597 of them clicked on the links we shared to read the analyses or to see the evidence.

Social media statistics show that on days of explosions in Beşiktaş (10 December 2016) and in Kayseri (18 December 2016) and on the night of armed assault in Reina (31 December 2016) social media accounts of teyit.org were referred to more compared to other months. On December, when teyit.org was only two-month old, we received more than 7 million views on Twitter. Our contents on Facebook were reached more than 1 million times.

It is known that striking headers like “Breaking!” is an effective way to get clicks on a page, however, when sharing our analyses on social media accounts, we take great care to choose the clearest and shortest sentence which can give all the information needed. Even if this causes our followers to visit the site less, and despite the “.org” extension, some to think that teyit.org is only a Twitter account.

We keep working to perform the responsibility we took. We will continue to develop new tools, find new sources, and make new connections to grow the impact of teyit.org.