3 false information spread after the attack in Beşiktaş

Two bomb attacks occurred in Beşiktaş, İstanbul near the Vodafone Arena Stadium after Beşiktaş – Bursaspor soccer game on December 10th the Human Rights Day. The attack occurred around 10:30 pm and its target was the police officers waiting around the stadium. The attack killed 36 police officers, 8 civilians and injured over 100 people.

We compiled the wrong information about the attack spreading around social media.

1)President Erdogan passed the scene of the attack 15 minutes ago

After the attack, the special intelligence director of Sabah daily, Abdurrahman Şimşek claimed that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan passed scene of the attack 15 minutes ago. This claim has become viral on social media.


Tweet: It is said on A Haber that our President passed there 15 minutes ago.

Later, Gayberi deleted her tweet and said “Once I learned that it is wrong, I deleted it”.

President Erdogan has participated in three different programs on December 10th. The last program he participated in was the Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Award Ceremony in Haliç Culture in Convention Center, starting at 7 pm. The presidency correspondent, contacted by teyit.org, said that President Erdogan left the ceremony before the explosion and went to the Huber Mansion in Tarabya.


The daily programme of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the official website of the Presidency


Tweet: It is not true that President Erdogan passed the scene of explosion 15 minutes ago.

The tweet about the subject posted by CNN Turk correspondent Murat Pazarbaşı


2) An explosion occurred in Çiğli, İzmir after the explosion in İstanbul


Tweet: A massive explosion occurred İzmir Çiğli, power outage in the most parts of Karşıyaka

After the explosion in İstanbul, it has been claimed that a massive explosion occurred in Çiğli, İzmir and there was a power outage in the most parts of Karşıyaka. The claim originated by the Twitter account “@TurkPars” and became viral on the social media platform in no time.

While there was no information regarding an explosion from Twitter or credible news sources, the people who live Karşıyaka and Çiğli tweeted that the claim is not true.


Tweet 1: Why are you reporting fake news for the sake of few retweets and favorites

Tweet 2: Well, the ones living in Çiğli reported that

Tweet 3: I live in Cigli, there is no sound nor smoke in here


@TurkPars @salcareyiz I called my friend who live in Çiğli 5 minutes ago, he said there was no explosion whatsoever.



I’m in Çiğli now the report is fake

3) A Haber anchor said “This attack is a provocation against the presidential system”

The claims about A haber anchor saying that the attack is a provocation against the presidential system has started to circulate after the explosion in İstanbul.

However, these words does not belong to the Banu El, the anchorwoman of newscast broadcasted on A Haber. They belong to the Executive Director of Takvim daily, Ergün Diler, who participated in the programme as a guest. While he was commenting on the attack, Diler stated; “Terror wants political results. Today, the presidential system is on the agenda of Turkey. Someone says that ‘We object to this’ and this is a provocation against the presidential system.”

Compiled by: Çınar Livane Özer, Taha Onur Selimoğlu, Mehmet Atakan Foça Translation: Yusuf Tatlı