14 false images claimed to be from the siege of Aleppo

In Syria, the sides of the conflict has declared a ceasefire and has come to an agreement on the evacuation of civilians and opposition forces. However,  the armed clashes between the Syrian army and the armed opposition groups has started again.

We’ve compiled the images and the informati on claimed to be originated from Aleppo but actually not related to the incidents in Aleppo.

1) This image is from Aleppo but it is old


Post: My heart is bleeding, cruel dogs. What do you want from my sister? What do you want from my newborn? YOU ARE CRUEL! YOU ARE CROOKED. I SWEAR TO GOD HELL IS NOT REDUNDANT.

This photo has become  quickly viral on Facebook. The image captured by AFP correspondent Ameer Alhalbi, belongs to the aftermath of an airstrike in May in Aleppo.


2) Another outdated video


Tweet: The trapped people of Aleppo are being massacred.


Another viral video on Twitter claims that “Civilians in Aleppo are trapped and they are being massacred.” However, the video depicts the aftermath of an airstrike carried out by the forces loyal to Assad,  in Darkush district of Idlib.


3) Injured child photo is from 2012


Tweet: Urgent Ceasefire in Aleppo. Our grudge will not be our religion but we will not forget what was done to our kin.  I will see you kid, whenever I look at the screen.

The injured child photo circulating on Twitter was taken in October 3, 2012 in Syria. Sebastiano Tomada, who took the photo, tells the story of the photo as follows:

I don’t think that this child, who was injured in a rocket attack, is old enough to understand that he is the only survivor along with his father. Along with his mother, the other two members of the family lost their lives. This little baby brought to the hospital looks like, ‘What is this red liquid on my hands? What happened to me? ‘ When I left the room, the doctors came in quickly. I saw the wounded father in the corner, his eyes were tearful.When we catched each other’s eye, he lifted his right hand up and showed the sky, He called ‘god’ for help. The hospital echoed with the cries of this little child who called his father for help. I’ve never felt as helpless as I felt that day. I don’t even know how would react what I saw that day if it was today. I still live that day.

4) It is not Assad forces, the photo is old


Tweet: The Assad forces, backed  by Iran and Russia, executes the Sunni muslim in the areas they captured.

The photo used in the tweet posted by Adem Özköse is not from Aleppo. According to shiaweb.org website, the photo was used in 2014. It is stated that the photo belongs to the scene where ISIS slaughtered 50 people in 2014.


5) The photo of “the baby who shot from the heel” is not from Aleppo


Tweet: Cruel people call this innocents “terrorist”.  A baby who got shot while it was still in its mother’s womb. #Suriye #Syria

The “baby who got shot while it was still in her mother’s womb” photo is also not from Aleppo. Actually, the photo was taken for an academic study called “Abdominal gunshot wound in pregnancy”.  Betül Kocamer, one of the academician who conducted the study, told teyit.org that the case came to them and the photo was taken by team who conducted the study.


6) Not Aleppo but Banyas


The photo above which was claimed to be from Aleppo, was actually taken after the slaughter occurred in the Banyas town of Syria’s coastal city Tartus, in May 2nd, 2013.


7) The photo of “girl in the middle of a battle” is from a video clip


Another image that has become viral on social media was the photo of a girl in a place supposed to be a battleground. However, this photo is not from Aleppo and it is not real. The photo is actually an image cut from the video clip of  Al Rabih Al Arabi, a song by  a singer called Hiba Tawaji.

8) The video “Execution in the middle of the street” is old

It was claimed that the video, which was served by the İhlas News Agency (İHA) and broadcasted on many different sites, was from Aleppo and it depicts an execution on the street. However, the video was uploaded to Youtube in 2013.

9) Not Aleppo but Yarmuk refugee camp


Post: One of the biggest massacres of the century is undergoing right know.  #ALEPPOISDYING Humanitarian aid cannot be delivered to 300.000 people who are trapped in 30 kilometer square. There is no food, no hospital, no health center. I am far away but my heart is bleeding. I am very ashamed. God, help them. #Syria

Another photo claimed to be from Aleppo is the one above. Contrary to the claims the photo is not from Aleppo but it is from Yarmuk Refugee Camp on January 31, 2014.


10) Children are not from Aleppo but Yemen


Tweet: While our innocent children pray for snow, the children of Aleppo pray for a halt to airstrikes.

The photo above, claimed to be from Aleppo, is from Yemen 2015.

11) Photo is from July

So, we want the same heaven with the children who cannot even live as long as butterflies do? #MassacreinAleppo #OpenCorridortoAleppoSo, we want the same heaven with the children who cannot even live as long as butterflies do? #MassacreinAleppo #OpenCorridortoAleppoSo, we want the same heaven with the children who cannot even live as long as butterflies do? #MassacreinAleppo #OpenCorridortoAleppokamisli-mi-halep-mi

So, we want the same heaven with the children who cannot even live as long as butterflies do? #MassacreinAleppo #OpenCorridortoAleppo



In another photo claimed to be from Aleppo, it can be seen that two girls crying. However, the photo is not from Aleppo. Although we couldn’t find when or who take the photo, it goes back to July 27th 2016.

It is possible to say that the photo used after the ISIS attack on Al-Qamishli, is not new.


12) This photo was spread during the chemical weapon claims


The above photo, alleged to be from Aleppo, was published in August 2013 after allegations of Assad using chemical weapons. However, no evidence could be found regarding whether this photo and the claims match. The photos of the children laying on the ground are taken from many different angles and published in 2013. You can see the other photos from here.


13) Aleppo but 2012


#Halep #Aleppo #MassacreinAleppo The most cruel man made device, the bloody face of global capitalism is behind of this scream…

The photo above is from Aleppo, but belongs to the year 2012. You can read the interview given by the Associated Press correspondent Manu Brabo on October 3, 2012, from here.

14) The wrong photo showed by Syria’s representative to the UN Ja’afari


Syria’s representative to the UN claimed that Syrian soldiers are helping the residents of Aleppo, by showing a photo. The photo showing a soldier kneeling in front of a woman, and being a stair for her, is actually from Iraq, not Syria.


The photo entered the online circulation on July, 2016 after the Iraqi forces captured Fallujah from the ISIS.

Compiled by:  Mehmet Atakan Foça, Tuveyç Timur, Çınar Livane Özer, Gülin Çavuş, Taha Onur Selimoğlu Translated by: Yusuf Tatlı