According to 2015 Digital News Report of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, the country which social media is the most popular news source is Turkey with 67 percent rate, among 18 countries. The ranking of social networks as news sources, 69 percent of the participants from Turkey uses Facebook, 33 percent of them uses Twitter, 33 percent Google+ and 14 percent of them uses YouTube. Among the six countries that participated the study, the number of participants who stated that “I believe most of the stories I saw” is the lowest. is online with the intent of ensuring that the citizens who use internet as a source of news and non-governmental organizations have access to true information, encouraging people to think critically and to have awareness about accessing true information.

In these days, the trust to media is eroding and polarization is deepening. will verify the suspicious content, publish analyze, contribute to critical thinking and quality news production. We believe that these operations will minimize life-threatening crisis and possibility of conflict. will strive to deliver filtered information to readers by verifying widespread false facts, trending doubtful news, the claims made by the mainstream media and urban legends.

Organizational Structure is a not-for-profit social enterprise which focuses on social impact. Because of institutional infrastructure for social enterprises are underway in Turkey operates under multiple institutional structures.

Research on media and social media is conducted by Teyit Media Research Association on behalf of Technology and training development studies are conducted by Dubium Bilişim Danışmanlık ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.


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