teyit.org is online with the intent of ensuring that the citizens who use internet as a source of news and non-governmental organizations have access to true information, encouraging people to think critically and to have awareness about accessing true information.

In these days, the trust to media is eroding and polarization is deepening. teyit.org will verify the suspicious content, publish analyze, contribute to critical thinking and quality news production. We believe that these operations will minimize life-threatening crisis and possibility of conflict.

teyit.org will strive to deliver filtered information to readers by verifying widespread false facts, trending doubtful news, the claims made by the mainstream media and urban legends.


teyit.org is a not-for-profit social enterprise which focuses on social impact. Because of institutional infrastructure for social enterprises are underway in Turkey teyit.org operates under multiple institutional structures.

Research on media and social media is conducted by Teyit Media Research Association on behalf of teyit.org. Technology and training development studies are conducted by Dubium Bilişim Danışmanlık ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti.


This part of the page has been updated 9 July 2018

Teyit.org generates its income from funds of European Union and various embassies which were announced to applications from civil society organizations, public institutions and private enterprises, from individual contributions, from contributions in kind and from the collaborations it is making with partners in order to pursue its publications, to develop its human resources and maintain its service procurement.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, teyit.org allocates its financial resources to extend the organization and deepen its social impact. The profit is never distributed to the company shareholders.


In September 2016, ₺9,770.00 Communication Support was received with the application to the Sivil Düşün EU Program titled “Publishing of the teyit.org website”. In the scope of this work, publishing of the website, covering the 6-month cost of hosting and publication of the Turkish version of Verification Handbook was realized. The handbook was distributed free of charge to the civil society organizations and media organizations who demanded the handbook. In accordance with the program’s functioning process, the budget was not transferred to teyit.org but it was disbursed by Sivil Düşün on behalf of teyit.org.

In December 2016, £48,052.00 financial support was received from the British Embassy of Ankara with the application to the Bilateral Programme Fund titled “Development of a Portal for Accurate and Verified News in Crisis Situations”. Through this 5-month work starting in November 2016 and ending in March 2017, salaries and social security costs of two editors were covered, study visits to London and Istanbul were conducted, a beta version of the dubito software facilitating the jobs of the teyit.org editors and the teyit.link which archives webpages were developed, the guide for instructor training was prepared.

In October 2016, €111,300.00 financial support was received from European Endowment for Democracy with the application titled “teyit.org – verification working group”. During the 13-month work between February 2017 and April 2018, costs of teyit.org’s institutionalization, salaries and social security costs of 4 editors,  legal and accountancy costs, costs of subscription to digital tools facilitating verification processes, visual and multimedia design costs, design and publication of insight report titled “What do we suspect on the Internet?”, consultancy costs for social impact evaluation and business model development, travel costs of two editors for International Journalism Festival and hosting and website maintenance costs were covered.

In November 2017, ₺109,000.00 financial support was received from Swedish Consulate Turkish-Sweden Development Cooperation Unit’s Bilateral Programme Fund with the application titled “Information activism against polarization”. Within the scope of work starting in March 2018 and ending in December 2019, a project assistant was employed and a survey on media habits of news consumers on the internet was conducted. Findings of the work will be published in November 2018.

Individual Contributions

Teyit.org has started a crowdfunding campaign in February 2018 in order to decrease the share of funds in its budget and shift to a structure where user contribution is bigger. In the first 6 months of 2018, $1,560.00 financial support was received through the monthly contributions made to the Patreon platform. Maintenance costs of Ankara office are covered through these user contributions.

We are thankful to all the individual supporters whose names are indicated below. Please visit destek.teyit.org to become one of the contributors.

Active supporters:

Ahmet Levent Tasel, Ahmet Yıldız, Ali Karabey, Ali Karakas, Anil Can Baykal, Anıl Onur, Ayşegül Engür, Barış Çoşkun, Bağış Erten, Bekir Alper Paksoy, Berivan Elis, Burak Direk, Burak Ersoy, Can Karalar, Can Kavanoz, Can Koklu, Can Çitoğlu, Cinar Gercek, Deniz Irsıdar Uludağ, Dogu Tan Araci, Ediz Evren, Elifcan Çakmak, Emin Okutan, Emre Koyuncu, Emre Toku, Engin Guven, Enis Tekindor, Eray Erdoğan, Evrim Ağacı, Ezgi Yetim Arsava, Ferhan Ture, girisimci muhabbeti, gonca, Güzin Begüm Erda, H Ceren Cihan Sarıtaş, Halit Kaya, Hamit Levent Evci, Hatice Ulaş, İsmet Osman Mavuş, Istem Duygu Akalp, Itır Erhart, Kadir Kutlu, Kadir Öztoksoy, Kaya Akan, Kaya Gökçe Dinçyürek, Laughing Man, Levent Başaran, Levent Ünver, Maytap, Mehmet Akif Erek, Mehmet Dogan, Mehmet Tok, Melda Günal, Melike Ceren İnan, Melike Olgu Okumus, Mert Can, Mert Torun, Merve Kavas, Merve Nur Okutan, Mesutcan Keskin, Muge Ozkaptan, Murat Akbıyık, Mustafa Basaran, Mustafa İncel, Mustafa Ozcakir, Mustafa Yaşar Soydaş, Mustafa Yenice, Nihan Gider, Oktay Kilic, Osman Coskunoglu, Ozan Dizman, Pelin Pervin Çavuş, Renay Onur, S k, sabitkamera, Sam Dubberley, Selkan Kaya, Serhan Lokman, Sunay Demircan, Taha Can, Tamer Aktaş, TLKiller990, Tolga İnam, Turgay Öztürk, Tülay Atila, Uğur Cevdet Aykaç, Volkan Ercan Varlı, Yakup Çetinkaya, Yavuz Arslan, yesatalim, Yiğit Akçin, Yusuf Ziya Uyanık, Zafer Gunduz, Zeynep Meydanoğlu, Zühtü Kahyalı, Özgün Dünyaoğulları, Özgür Demirtaş, Özgür Şahin and 2 anonymous.

Former supporters:

allyi, Barış Baysal, Bilal Arkan, Çağrı Latifoğlu, Emre Tekince, Maya Türkmen Numan, Nadir Kafalar, Serafettin Yarar, Serdar Çotuk, Sinan Akkol, Sinan Taşdelen and 3 anonymous.

In kind contribution

From April 2016 when teyit.org made its first meetings to December 2017, support was received from TED University Istasyon Center for Social Innovation in the form of office space, lunches, and mentorship. Forming of institution’s future vision, development of business models, team management and development of a communication strategy was realized through Istasyon’s consultancy and mentorship.


Teyit.org has signed an agreement with Facebook in May 2018 and became the third-party news verification organization. In the context of this collaboration, teyit.org flags the groundless news on Facebook, puts links to the analyses on its website and Facebook lowers the access to these pieces of news so that they reach less users.

Within the scope of this collaboration, teyit.org has received $14,500.00 in the first 6 months of 2018. The majority of the revenue have been used for human resources and the part of it has been transmitted to saving for next expanses for the rebrand process.


This badge confirms an organization was deemed compliant with the IFCN principles when subjected to the established vetting process and evaluated by external assessors. Through this process, an organization must exhibit a commitment to nonpartisanship and fairness, transparency of sources, transparency of funding and organization, transparency of methodology, and a commitment to open and honest corrections.





teyit.org has been produced with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy (EED). Its contents do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of EED. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in this publication lies entirely with the author(s).